Standard Tune-Up = $50.00

Inspect Bicycle and components for broken, worn or corroded parts that could inhibit proper function and safety. Wheels are straightened and aligned (trued), and spoke tension is correctly adjusted throughout wheel. Bearing systems are checked for proper tension in the headset, bottom bracket and the front and rear hubs. Brakes are adjusted for maximum performance. Front and rear derailleurs are adjusted to ensure proper shifting and prevent derailing of the chain. During the final check the bicycle is wiped clean, tires are inflated to the correct pressure and then a test ride is performed to test all systems for proper function.

Advanced Tune-Up = $75.00

Includes all services performed during the Standard Tune plus bike is thoroughly washed and the drivetrain is degreased. Once the components of the drivetrain have been cleaned they are reinstalled on the bicycle and lubricated. The brake and shifter cables are inspected and then lubricated to improve performance. Prior to the final check the bicycle is polished to a showroom shine. This service includes alignment of derailleur hanger (if required).

Complete Overhaul = $165.00

Includes all services performed during the Advanced Tune plus all components are removed from bike. Bearing Systems are overhauled and repacked with grease. All cables are replaced (included in cost). Then the bicycle is re-assembled with fresh grease, components properly lubricated and completely adjusted to precise specifications.